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RIP Beautiful Angel

On a surface little Keisha had a normal life. But only on a surface. Little girl was viciously beaten on a regular basis. One day she was knocked unconscious and passed away on the next day after not receiving any medical help. Her “carers” pretended she disappeared and disposed of her body. Everybody was looking for Keisha: police, neighbours and volunteers. Eventually police received a tip off and “carers” were arrested. Keisha’s step-father was sentenced for 16 years for not taking unconscious Keisha to the doctors and letting her die. A second person is awaiting trial for murder.

Someone must have known that Keisha was abused. Post-mortem revealed multiply unhealed fractures.

Angels are taking care of Keisha now and she is free of pain. Do not let abusers get away with abusing innocent little girls and boys. See something! Say something!


Words for Susan Jeffers

Years ago I read “Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers. This is a ground-breaking book by well known American author. In my book “Healing my anxiety” I describe how this book and Susan’s relaxation tracks helped me when my anxiety was at it’s worst. I am a subscriber to Susan’s newsletter. A short while ago I was shocked to learn that Susan passed away from rare form of cancer. On YouTube I watched an interview with her recorded in July 2012  – no one would have guessed she was ill. I guess she was a private person and didn’t want to publicize it. RIP Susan, you are missed greatly!!